"The guys at Grasp have been so helpful, friendly and professional. They gave me loads of advice in a way I could understand. I would recommend Grasp to anyone who wants hassle free and expert help with online marketing and web design."
Leigh Cooke, salt.

About Grasp

About Grasp Digital

Grasp love to be creative, thrive on a techy challenge and are
freakishly organised.

If Grasp was a person ...well, you’d really like him. He’s the kind of person we all secretly want to be.
A good egg, a top bloke, a bit of a sweetheart quite frankly!

We’d like to introduce you to Grasp ...

  • Delightfully eccentric.
  • A true gentleman, who always holds
    the door open for you.
  • All the tins in his cupboard have
    the labels facing forward.
  • Dresses a little odd, but give it a couple of weeks and everyone will be wearing it!
  • Likes to take the toaster apart to see
    how it works.
  • Works hard, plays hard.
  • A family man.
  • Cheeky sense of humour,
    like a walking carry on film!
  • Perfectly polished shoes.
  • And of course tall, dark and handsome.